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E. Miller Thanks Quin for the Reset!

Resetting Your Day in Gratitude is a transformational body of work. This book not only challenged me, but reset my overall way of defining what gratitude is and how to apply it daily in my life. The tools that are in the book have helped me focus on whats more important in life and it all starts with changing my attitude and perspective.

    M. Phipps Thanks Quin for the Reset!

    This is a great tool on resetting your day in gratitude! I am sometimes bombarded with negative thoughts, but this book helps restore a positive mindset. It is powerful, insightful and more importantly, relatable! Several times throughout I said to myself “mmm hmm” because there was so much truth in what the author said! The book has tremendously helped lift my spirits/moods and I now have a healthier perspective on life! Many thanks to the author and I HIGHLY recommend!

      Brenda Taylor President ESRD Rockstars Inc.

      Exploring Gratitude is more than just a series of information to make you aware of the importance of implementing gratitude in your healthcare journey. Quin Taylor takes us on a wise and practical journey with some of the most important questions you need to answer in your journey. She uses her experience to show us the importance of making a self-connection and creating a balance of self-awareness. This journal is something that every person with critical illness need to explore before the crisis hit. This experience will shed some light on the darkest days and help you create a program that restores quality and meaning in a successful health journey.